[Shocking Water] Kill 99.9% Bacteria,Non-Chemical Sanitizer +2 Refills


Hong Jin-kyoung's Shocking Water kill 99.9% Bacteria, Non-Chemical  Sanitizer (+ 2 Refills)


  • 99.9% Sterilizing Power
  • Removes E. coli, pneumococcus, salmonella, staphylococcus, and vibrio bacteria.
  • Use to your hands, toys and even to your toothbrush



Ingredients: 100% Alkaline Water

Country of Origin : South Korea

Expiry Date : 1 year after opened, 3 years from the date of production when unopened

Package: Main Product(400ml) + 2 Refill (400ml*2)


Use Shocking Water for safe sterilization, such as spoons, cutting boards, and sponge dishes, children’s toys, toothbrushes, razors, human hands, and pet’s sole.


Most sanitizers are based on chemical ingredients. We cannot sterilize toothbrushes, spoons, cutting boards, and children's toys that we have to use directly in our mouths with strong chemical cleansers.


Shocking Water is made with 100% alkali ion water and removes E. coli, pneumococcus, salmonella, staphylococcus, and vibrio bacteria.


Use Shocking Water on Kitchen/ Toilet/ Toys/ Hands/ Sofa, Beds, Clothes

  • Kitchen

Spray Shocking Water on the table, cutting board, spoon, sponge, dishcloth, sink, etc. After 30 seconds, wash it or wipe it with a dry towel to remove oil stains, odors, and germs all at once. If it is difficult to clean with water, wipe it with Shocking Water with wet towel. However, do not use in metal or electronics such as aluminum.

  • Toilet

Spray Shocking Water to toothbrushes and razors after using. Just rinse it under running water for the next use. However, do not use it in an electric razor.

  • Toys

Spray Shocking Water to rattles and toys that goes right into children’s mouth. After 30 seconds, rinse in water or wipe with a dry towel. It could be used on children’s strollers that are difficult to wash. Just spray Shocking Water and dry it naturally for deodorizing and sterilizing.

  • Hands

Shocking Water can be used in hands and to pets. Spray Shocking Water and dry it naturally. You can also spray on dry towel and wipe your pet’s feet.

  • Sofa, Beds, Clothes

Spraying on sofas, beds, and smelly clothes can help prevent germs from spreading and deodorizing. However, never use Shocking Water in leather or silk and never immerse the fibers directly.




Precautions for Use

1. Cover and store at room temperature to avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight.

2. Do not mix with other chemicals.

3. Do not drink it or put it in your eyes as it is highly alkaline.

4. If you drink the product or get caught in the eye, drink or wash it with clean water and consult your doctor if you have any problems.

5. Do not immerse the skin in the product for long periods of time, as prolonged use can dry the skin.

6. Do not immerse the fibers in the shock water as the dye may come off.

7. Do not spray leather, silk, or dyeing on textiles, metals such as aluminum, varnish, wood painted, paintwork (cupper) or electronics. The cleansing action of alkaline water can cause color to fade or deteriorate.

Be careful not to spray metal handles or refrigerator doors for stains. Also, do not spray or inhale on the face or respiratory tract.

8. Do not spray or spray on your face or respiratory tract.

9. Keep out of reach of the infant.

10. Immediately after spraying, burn bacteria in the air and use them briefly or spray them in the opposite direction, as the scent may spread.



High Technology of Shocking Water

Shocking Water is manufactured in a high sterilizing power of higher than pH13.1 which prevents chemical ingredients. The unique technology of Shocking Water was patented in 2009 and won the Technical Award at the Korea Patent Exhibition in 2015 and was awarded the grand prize in the eco-friendly corporate sector at the 2019 Asian Industrial Exhibition hosted by the Korea University Inventions Association and the Asian LOHAS Promotion Association. (patent no. 10-0929118 / Korean Intellectual Property Office)


Features of Shocking Water


  • 100% water
  • Shocking Water is 100% pure alkali ionized water with no chemicals added, including surfactants, formaldehyde, phthalides, parabens, and petroleum.


Strong Sterilizing Power

Shocking Water has high sterilization capability higher than pH13.1. Compared to other similar sanitizers, Shocking Water has more than pH.1.0 higher sterilizing power. The difference in pH1.0 is equal to the dilution of 10 times water. It excels at sterilizing harmful bacteria such as E. coli, staphylococcus, vibrio bacteria, cutting board, and salmonella bacteria, rusty bacteria, and pneumonia liver bacteria found in toothbrushes. Shocking Water has test certification of 99.99% sterilization after spraying. (Test Agency: TBK-001510 of the Korea Testing & Research Institute)


Deodorizing Power

Shocking Water disassembles and deodorizes odor molecules such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and acetaldehyde. It's also effective in deodorizing the smell on your clothes.






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