Mooas_Showerfit Showerhead Set (Shower Head+2 Stages Filters)


Mooas_Showerfit Showerhead Set (Shower Head+2 Stages Filters)

Options : Pink Set/ Blue Set (package color/ contents are same)


CLEAN WATER is better to your skin…better than expensive beauty cosmetics!

Better Shower Experience with Showerfit Showerhead.

Tap water supplied through old piping is not clean. These tap water can cause skin problems, dry skin, dead skin cells, dandruff, and hair loss.


<Key Functions of ‘Showerfit’>

  • Eliminate chlorine of tab water
  • Impurity filtration
  • 2 stages of water purifying filters


<Details of ‘Showerfit’>

1. Various Technologies in 240g showerhead

  • Eco-friendly: ROHS certification
  • Saves water of 35.5% than normal showerhead
  • Made of reinforced plastic (Strong against damage)
  • Spray plate made with advanced semiconductor process technology
  • Securing stability through chromium micro plating
  • User-friendly design
  • 1st Filter: 143mm Micro-Sediment Filter. Excellent rust/impure removal effect
  • It can filter out more than 5 microns of fine particles
  • Recommended replacement cycle: 2 months
  • 2nd Filter: Patented 2 stage Active Carbon Fiber Filter for double filtering
  • Made from active carbon fiber
  • Eliminate chlorine, harmful substances, and odor
  • Recommended replacement cycle: 3 months
  • 242 holes of Micro Shower Plate make soft water spray
  • Precisely machined with advanced semiconductor process technology.
  • Water sprays our very softly.
  • Comfort hidden at 62° + 45 °
  • 62 ° angle of showerhead and 4 carved ovals of 45° provide a stable grip and comfortable shower.



  • Showerfit showerhead 1ea + 2 stages Filter(1st Filter 1ea + 2nd Filter 1ea)
  • 2 colors package: Pink/Blue (components are the same)
  • Additional 1st Filters and 2nd Filters can also be purchased separately. (To be sold later)


<Product Info>

  • Only for bathroom (Size is international. It fits well with any shower.)
  • Proper Water Pressure: 0.9 – 3.2 kg
  • Size: 80(shower head) * 235(length) mm
  • Material: PC, ANS, Stainless Steel, PP
  • Optimal Temperature: 0 – 67°C
  • Made in KOREA


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