LAZYSTUDIO temporary tattoo sticker_Dam (3 designs)

LAZYSTUDIO temporary tattoo sticker_Dam (3 designs)






  • Designer: Tattooist ‘DAM’(Instagram @daldam_)

  • Style: fine arts, bright-colored drawings

  • Dry-type tattoo (No water needed)

  • Size: 9cm x 10cm

  • Made in Korea


LAZYSTUDIO creates temporary tattoo stickers to experience tattoo easily. 

  • Product designs are from the best tattoo artists in Korea. 

  • The size and designs are the same as the real tattoo.

  • High quality. It looks natural without shining on your skin just like a real tattoo.

  • Patent tattoo sticker - Works without water in 10 seconds for 7days.


  • <How to Use>

    Cut off the sticker with scissors
    Take off the protection film
    Put the sticker to your skin and press 10 seconds.
    Remove the film slowly by checking if the sticker is attached.
    Do not store the product in sunlight
    Stop using the product when you have skin trouble.